Virginia Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)


Tamarah Holmes, Ph.D
Bill Hartley

Virginia’s Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding fosters economic development and improves the quality of life for our Appalachian citizens. ARC provides assistance in the long-term development of a chronically depressed multi-state region, which includes 25 counties and eight independent cities in Virginia. ARC invests in water and sewer service to communities, workforce training for skilled trades and professionals, regional economic restructuring efforts, and heritage and cultural tourism. Other funds seek to build a strong and sustainable asset-based economy, bringing jobs and prosperity to Appalachian communities while preserving their character.

Virginia Appalachian Regional Commission FY2024

Guidelines and Criteria

The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has released the 2024 Virginia Appalachian Regional Commission Program Guidelines and Criteria.

Projects that leverage Virginia’s rich cultural, natural, community, structural, business and economic assets are eligible for funding. Additionally, energy efficiency improvements are fundable as a part of an eligible project. The Virginia ARC program may also be available to help with the development of an access road to support the location or expansion of an industry.

Virginia ARC Four-Year Development Plan

The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has released the Virginia Appalachian Regional Commission Four-Year Development Plan. It details the goals of our state projects and highlights the ways that Virginia will continue to meet the diverse and changing needs of the Appalachian Region of Virginia by targeting and focusing the resources and strategies that mirror ARC’s defined goals and objectives of the region, as well as the Commonwealth’s priorities.

Virginia ARC Annual Strategy Summit

The purpose of the 2024 Strategy Statement is to establish our goals, objectives, and priorities for Virginia’s ARC Region. The implementation of the 2024 Strategy Statement will enable the Commonwealth of Virginia to meet the diverse and changing needs of our Appalachian region. It discusses a number of the biggest issues facing the Commonwealth and sets a framework for the types of projects we are looking to fund moving forward.