Informational Documents and Publications

Pool and Spa Safety 

Notices, Alerts and Bulletins 

2020 EPA Lead-free Rule Fact Sheet

2020 Majestic Manufacturing Service Bulletin

2020 Unapproved Lumber Stamp Notice

2019 Safety Alert to Protect Children from a Deadly Gap between Doors of Home Elevators

2018 KONE Escalator Safety Alert

2012 VRC Girder and Header Span Tables

Technical and Informational Documents

2020 VRC: Carports, Garages and Sheds

2020 Industrialized Building Seals

2020 Industrialized and Manufactured Homes

2020 Asbestos Info and FAQ

2020 Industrialized Building FAQ

2020 USBC and Lead Paint Hazard Abatement

2020 IRC Wind Speed Changes Explained

Code Interpretation Information

2019 Cell Tower Antenna Interpretation (2-2019)

2019 Water Dispenser Interpretation (3-2019)

2019 Solar Farm Interpretation (1-2019)

2017 Swimming Pool Interpretation 


2018 Revised DSS Licensing Form

2018 Landlord Smoke Detector Form

Letters and Memos

2020 DHCD Memo EPA RRP Info

2020 EPA RRP Permitting Outreach Letter

2020 Revised Assisted Living Facilities Matrix

2019 May Emergency Cooling Regulations

2015 Virginia Certification Standards Printing Error

2018 Missing Industrialized Building Seals (2)

2018 Missing Industrialized Building Seals

2018 Habitable Attics

2017 August HB 2203-NOV to Tenants in Manufactured Home Parks

2015 Whole House Mechanical Ventilation

2012 Virginia Energy Assessment and Code Compliance Program Report

2009 November Department of Labor and Industry Asbestos Regulations

Reports and Publications

BFR Brochure

2019 BFR Annual Report

2018 BFR Annual Report