ICC Digital Codes Premium for Virginia Code Officials and Technical Assistants

*This message only applies to Virginia localities that contribute to the VBCA levy. If you have questions as to whether your locality contributes, contact your supervisor or building official*

Experience the power of Premium Complete:

·         Available 24/7 from any web-enabled device AND download up to 15 titles at a time for offline access on a mobile device for easy access in the field
·         Complete access to all premium code content and features
·         Expert code interpretation
·         Significant code changes and Up-to-date errata
·         Quick Access
·         Advanced Search and Saved Searches
·         Organize Your Way
·         Notes tab
·         Bookmark, print or copy any code section with a single click
·         Highlight or annotate any code section
·         Collaborate Seamlessly
·         Content Sharing

  • DHCD and ICC recently hosted a webinar providing a detailed walkthrough of the Digital Premium subscription features. Click here to view this webinar recording. (about an hour, and you can click to skip forward/back)
  • For instructions on how to redeem this subscription and add it to your ICC account once you have obtained your coupon code, click here.
  • Access details were provided to your locality Building Official. Contact your locality Building Official for access details and instructions. To view the letter sent to Building Officials, click here. If your Building Official has questions regarding employee access or obtaining additional licenses, direct them to Sandi.Morris@dhcd.virginia.gov.