PAAO 2022 Virtual Training Series


Mark your calendar to join the 2022 Virtual Grant Management Workshop, A Path Forward, on Jan. 19-21, 2022. The three-day event will encompass beginner and advanced components of grant management. Additionally, there will be sessions dedicated to fiscal management, to reporting, and to CAMS.

DHCD expects that all current and recently approved CDBG, ARC, SBRA, ARS and IPR Flex partners will be represented at the Grants Management Workshop. Additionally, if your locality has a CDBG Planning Grant, or is considering applying for a CDBG planning or implementation grant during 2022 or 2023, you will benefit from the workshop. Members of your team who should consider attending include chief executives, project and program managers, fiscal staff, grant managers and administrators, rehab administrators, and consultants (if applicable). 

The workshop is virtual and will be offered at no cost to participants. Each day will present one track so that participants can choose sessions and days to attend.