Code Change Training (CCT)



Code Change Training is mandatory for all building and fire code enforcement personnel holding one or more Virginia Board of Housing and Community Development issued certifications. These courses are offered in conjunction with the code adoption cycle and are available in both classroom and online formats. Training requirements are based on each certification held by the code official and are detailed on the Code Change Training Matrix.



The VBCA offers Code Change Training in both classroom and online formats. The classroom venue is provided by the Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy (VBCA) on a limited schedule and held in various locations across the commonwealth.

Programs may be bundled by content (i.e. trades, building, administrative and related, or miscellaneous standards and codes) to minimize the time attendees spend out of the office. In addition to the VBCA schedule, organizations, regions and the two local code academies may offer additional classroom opportunities.

In addition to the classroom, individuals may take advantage of online training provided through the Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy Learning Center (VBCALC). Online programs are available on demand at any time and are offered as standalone presentations based on the VBCA classroom curriculum. Code officials looking for flexibility in when and where they complete code change training will find this delivery method convenient yet still comprehensive.



Although DHCD is the primary provider of code change training, the agency partners with several organizations to maximize the availability of Code Change Training to code officials. These approved providers utilize DHCD materials and VBCA-approved instructors. Completion of these offerings is reflected on the JPVBCA Online Registration System once attendance sheets are submitted to the VBCA.  For information regarding training provider schedules, please contact the provider directly.

The online training is available through VBCA Learning Center. After establishing a profile, students can access all Code Change Training modules at their convenience. Course run times vary between 15 minutes and three hours. Each online course can be stopped or paused at will and resumed as needed.  A certificate of completion is provided in the learning center immediately after a course is completed.  Each user's completed programs are recorded in the learning center and updated in the VBCA Online Registration System on a weekly basis.



The VBCA classroom schedule is released in advance of the code adoption effective date. Each schedule is published far enough in advance to allow code enforcement personnel to complete the mandated training prior to the effective date of the new code. Classroom trainings are held in several locations throughout the state as multiday events. Officials may register for available classes through the VBCA Online Registration System.

Each course module is published online in the VBCA Learning Center following the release of the classroom courses. Once released, the online training is available on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days week.

Information regarding both classroom and online training is posted regularly on this website, the VBCA Online Registration System, the Code Connection Blog and through other organizations offering VBCA Code Change Training.



Besides DHCD, other certifying or licensing entities may require the completion of continuing education or code update training. In cooperation with the Department of Professional Occupational Regulation (DPOR) and with the Department of Fire Programs (VDFP), DHCD courses qualify for continuing education credit training towards journeyman or master license, and 1031 certification, respectively.

DHCD is an approved DPOR provider of continuing education. Students who wish to receive DPOR credit for VBCA classroom classes must provide their complete licensure information, including license number, before the end of each course. VBCA will then forward all data to DPOR for processing. Any questions regarding license renewal should be directed to DPOR.

Certain DHCD programs also qualify for continuing education credit with the VDFP for 1031 credit. Appropriate forms are provided during the designated approved programs and submission of those forms is handled by DHCD.  All questions regarding VDFP credit should be directed to VDFP.