Small-Scale Real Estate Development


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Small-scale real estate developers can help advance community goals—one building at a time. Derelict commercial structures, vacant lots and existing stock of smaller structures offer opportunity for new businesses and quality housing. Successful towns and cities are not waiting for the right developer to come along; they are fostering the growth of their own local players—emerging development professionals and organizations, private sector or public, for-profit or nonprofit. Without willing developers prepared to take on these projects, communities are at a significant disadvantage. In addition to providing technical and financial resources for business district revitalization, DHCD is now working with leading experts in small-scale real estate development to help you build skills locally. Beginning with a 2019 training series, DHCD will build a statewide network for the sharing of knowledge, best practices and lessons from the trade.

2019 Workshop Series

Through the Virginia Main Street Program, DHCD has partnered with the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) to provide a series of trainings in the spring of 2019, culminating with a May 16 workshop. These educational lectures are presented by the Incremental Development Alliance, a national nonprofit working to build local wealth in neighborhoods through ground-up real estate development. For more information on the trainings, visit the workshop registration page.

Register as a Network Member

If you have signed up for a webinar or in-person training, we have got you down as interested in learning about more resources. Please contact our team members to be notified of additional trainings and network news.