Virginia Rent Relief Program (RRP) Tenant Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I eligible for RRP?

RRP may be able to provide rental assistance for households who have experienced a negative financial impact during the Coronavirus pandemic. You may qualify if any of the statements below apply to you:

  • One or more individuals within the household has qualified for unemployment benefits or experienced a financial hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic, including, but not limited to, one of the following:

    • Loss of Income

      • A tenant has been laid off

      • A tenant’s place of employment has closed

      • A tenant has experienced a reduction in hours of work

      • A tenant must stay home to care for children due to closure of day care and/or school

      • A tenant must stay home to care for children due to distance learning

      • A tenant has lost or experienced a reduction in child or spousal support

      • A tenant has been unable to find employment due to COVID-19.

      • A tenant is unwilling or unable to participate in employment due to risk of illness from COVID-19

    • Increase in expenses

      • A tenant has an increase in childcare expenses

      • A tenant has an increase in medical expenses

      • A tenant has an increase in food costs

      • A tenant has an increase in utility costs


Determine your eligibility here.


What expenses can be paid by RRP?

Past due rent since April 1, 2020, current month’s rent and three (3) months’ prospective rent for eligible tenants. Any rent-related fees or expenses must be outlined in the lease agreement to be considered.



What if I need assistance completing an application? Who do I call?

If you have any difficulty completing an application and need direct assistance, please contact your local RRP Outreach Organization here.



What if my lease is month-to-month?

RRP funds may be used to pay past due rent and current month’s rent on month-to-month leases. Prospective rent is not an eligible expense, however tenants may apply each month for assistance.



What if I owe past due rent for a lease that has expired?

If a tenant owes rent to a previous landlord, RRP funds may provide assistance as long as the amount owed includes months after March 31, 2020.



What if I live in student housing?

Student housing is an eligible use for RRP funds as long as there is a lease in place between the student and a landlord. Having a cosigner does not affect the eligibility of an application for assistance.



What if I live with roommates, but I’m the only one who needs assistance?

If multiple roommates live in the same household, but only one roommate needs RRP assistance, the tenant in need of assistance can apply for their portion of the rent. The applicant does not need to include their roommates' income on the application. The applicant’s portion of the rent will be prorated and paid directly to the landlord, assuming the applicant meets other RRP eligibility requirements.



What if I live in subsidized housing?

Tenants of federally subsidized housing, e.g. Low Income Housing Credit, Public Housing, or Indian Housing Block Grant-assisted properties are eligible for RRP, but only for the tenant’s portion of their rent. These households can receive assistance for past due rent, the current month and three future months of rent, assuming they meet other RRP eligibility requirements. The applicant should submit their recertification as supporting documentation. 



What if I live in a motel or Airbnb?

Residents of a hotel/motel/Airbnb for 3 days or more who meet RRP eligibility criteria and can provide supporting documentation of their stay/tenancy are eligible for assistance. In these circumstances, a billing statement can be used in lieu of a lease and ledger. Residents who have lived at a motel or hotel for more than 90 days are viewed as Tenants and Virginia Tenant Laws apply.



What if I pay rent for an RV/manufactured home lot?

RRP assistance is available for tenants of an RV and/or the rented lot/space, assuming they meet other RRP eligibility requirements.



What if I’m in a rent-to-own agreement?

Tenants who have purchase agreements or rent-to-own leases are eligible for assistance, assuming they meet other RRP eligibility requirements.



What if I am incarcerated?

Incarcerated individuals are eligible for RRP assistance, assuming they meet RRP eligibility requirements.


What documents do I need to complete an application?

The Virginia Rent Relief Program requires the least burdensome documentation possible, while adhering to programmatic, state and federal guidelines. To meet compliance criteria, an applicant must submit the following supporting documentation with their application:

Tenant supporting documentation*:

  • Households with 4 or more members will need to submit proof of income. Cash Only and Zero Income applicants will need to complete an attestation form provided within the application to be eligible for assistance.

  • Households with 3 or less members who reside in one of these zip codes do not have to submit proof of income.

  • Households with 3 or less members who participate in SNAP, WIC, LIHEAP, TANF, Subsidized Housing, or Social Security Disability do not need to submit proof of income.

Landlord supporting documentation:

  1. Lease Agreement, include all pages. If a traditional lease is not available, a signed attestation must be provided and include:

    1. tenant’s full name

    2. landlord’s full name

    3. tenant’s complete address

    4. monthly rent amount

    5. any monthly fees included in the rental payment (e.g., utilities, internet, etc.)

    6. the terms of the lease (i.e. what months and years does the agreement begin and end).

NOTE: Households living in a hotel/motel/AirBnB can use a billing statement in lieu of a lease and ledger.

  1. Lease Ledger or billing statement from landlord documenting total amount owed

  1. Virginia W-9 to be provided by landlord


If a landlord refuses to cooperate and does not provide the required supporting documentation, the following documents will be accepted from the tenant: 

No lease 
Acceptable documentation includes one of the following:

  • Sheriff's notice

  • Court summons that include tenant's name and address 

  • Two (2) bills within the last 30 days in the tenant's name and address for which assistance has been applied

No ledger
Acceptable documentation includes one of the following generated by a third party (not the tenant):

  • Court summons 

  • Collection agency

  • Account statement with balance owed generated by property management/landlord/hotel manager


What if I need help paying my mortgage?

RRP helps tenants and landlords only with rental payments. Virginia Housing offers mortgage relief. Go to or contact the VMRP Call Center from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday: 833-OUR-VMRP (833-687-8677).



What if my rent amount exceeds 150% of Fair Market Rent

If rent exceeds 150% FMR the landlord can either agree to a rent that fits within our guidelines (the ledger must be adjusted to reflect this), OR we can pay up to 150% FMR and another source can pay the rest of the balance -- but the landlord must agree not to evict for non-payment of rent for any of the months that we support. 



I received RRP assistance before, may I submit a renewal application after Sunday, May 15, 2022?

No. The RRP application portal will be closed to both new and renewal applications on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 11:59 pm. Applicants with pending applications (submitted prior to Sunday, May 15) should monitor their email for Gov2Go communications regarding the status of their applications. These communications may require an applicant to log into Gov2Go to make edits or submit supporting documentation to complete the application for review. 



How do I know that my application has been completed and submitted?

A complete application is one that includes an application from both the tenant and landlord with all the appropriate supporting documentation. Specifically, a landlord must submit an online application via Gov2Go with a lease, ledger, and W9 as supporting documentation. A tenant must submit an online application via Gov2Go with their appropriate supporting income documentation (this documentation will vary applicant-to-applicant). Both applications will then be cased together for review and approval. However, if any part of the required components is incomplete, incorrect, or missing, the application is not deemed complete. It will be returned to the applicant with guidance to make corrections. An application cannot be cased and reviewed until these corrections are made. Please monitor your email for Gov2Go communications to ensure your application has not been returned to you for missing/incorrect information. If you need assistance making corrections, please contact 833-RENT-RELIEF or


My landlord was cooperating with me and they submitted an application, but now they refuse to participate. May I still receive help?

Depending on your situation, a Direct to Tenant payment may be possible. Please email your full name, complete address, and phone to to request assistance.



How do I know if my landlord applied?

Call 833-RENT-RELIEF to learn whether your landlord completed an application.


If my landlord did not apply before Sunday, May 15, 2022, may I still receive assistance?

If you completed an application but your landlord did not, depending on your situation, a Direct to Tenant payment may be possible. Please email your full name, complete address, and phone number to to request assistance.