The Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) is a Homeless and Special Needs Housing (HSNH) funding source that supports the development and implementation of localized emergency crisis response systems with housing-focused, coordinated community-based activities. These activities are designed to reduce the overall length of homelessness in the community, the number of households becoming homeless and the overall rate of formerly homeless households returning to homelessness.

For additional information on the overall conditions and progress made related to the administration of the State’s homeless programs, please see the following report: Virginia’s Homeless Services Report - Program Year 2019-2020.

Local Administrators

Eligible VHSP providers include units of local governments, nonprofits, planning district commissions (PDCs)* and public housing authorities (PHAs)* that are active participants of a Continuum of Care and/or Balance of State local planning group. Eligible activities for VHSP are outreach, emergency shelter operations, rapid re-housing, targeted prevention, centralized/coordinated assessment systems, CoC planning, HMIS, administration and HOPWA assistance.

See HSNH guidelines for details.

*Able to contract for all eligible VHSP activities excluding emergency shelter operations and rapid re-housing.

Persons seeking homeless assistance

Access to your community’s homeless crisis response system can be attained via the primary contact number. Click the directory or the link to the interactive map below and find your locality.

Crisis Assistance Directory

Crisis Assistance Directory Map