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The Virginia Building Code Academy can only assist with access to the “DHCD – Virginia Building Code Academy” domain. For other domains, you will need to contact the administrator(s) of that domain.

Learning Center Features and Details:

The Code Academy allows code professionals to access self-paced training offered by the Virginia Building Code Academy from anywhere with an internet connection, free of charge.

Certain courses may qualify for Continuing Education credits, but please note that Code Change Training (provided by the Code Academy) cannot count towards DHCD Continuing Education hours.

The VA Building Code Academy domain name is “DHCD – Virginia Building Code Academy.” Access the Code Academy Learning Center at the button below  


The two courses below are required to be completed prior to your Core start date:

Core - Managing your Career with DHCD and VBCA (1 hour)
Core - Evolution of the Codes (1 hour)

You will need a Learning Center account to access these courses. See below for instructions to request access.

Once you are logged into your Learning Center account, clicking the above links should take you directly to the course. You can also easily locate these two courses by searching “Core” at the top of the page in the Learning Center.

Common Code Academy Learning Center Tasks/Issues

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  • Contact us at and let us know that you would like a new Learning Center account created. 
  • If you have an existing Learning Center account from a different Virginia domain (for example, VDEM or VFPA), but do not have access to VBCA content, see next item.

I have an existing Learning Center account, but do not have access to VBCA content

  • Contact us at and let us know that you would like VBCA access added to your account AND provide as much information on the existing account as possible (such as full name and the email associated with the account if different).

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Available 2018 Code Change Courses

Once Logged In, to locate a specific 2018 code change module, search "2018" and the name of the module, e.g. "2018 Virginia plumbing code.”

  • 2018 CCT – Residential Bundle - 2 Self-Paced Modules:
    • Virginia Residential Code (VRC)
    • Residential Energy (VECC-Residential Provisions)2018 Code Change Training Requirements
    2018 CCT – Commercial Bundle - 3 Self-Paced Modules:
    • Virginia Construction Code (VCC)
    • Commercial Energy (VECC - Commercial Provisions)
    • Virginia Existing Building Code (VEBC)
  • 2018 CCT – Administrative Bundle - 7 Self-Paced Modules:
    • Administrative Refresher
    • Administrative Module (Administrative provisions, VA Certification Standards, Manufactured Housing, Industrialized Buildings, and Amusement Device)
    • International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC)
    • Elevator (Elevator and Escalator provisions)
    • Fire Edits (explanation and background of recent changes to SFPC)
    • SFPC (Statewide Fire Prevention Code)
    • Virginia Maintenance Code (Note that VA has dropped the "property" for 2018)
  • 2018 CCT – Trade Bundle - 4 Self-Paced Modules:
    • Virginia Plumbing Code (VPC)
    • Virginia Mechanical Code (VMC)
    • Virginia Fuel Gas Code (VFGC)
    • National Electrical Code (NEC)

For more information on code change training, click here.

Available 2015 Code Change Courses

Once Logged In, to locate all live 2015 code change modules, search "2015" and the name of the module, e.g. "2015 plumbing.”

Available 2015 Code Change training (CCT) modules:

  • Administrative Update
  • Virginia Construction Code (VCC)
  • Virginia Residential Code (VRC)
  • Virginia Existing Building Code (VEBC)
  • Virginia Elevator Provisions
  • Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC)
  • Virginia Energy Conservation Code (VECC)
  • Virginia Plumbing Code (VPC)
  • Virginia Property Maintenance (VPMC)
  • Virginia Electrical/2014 NEC
  • Virginia Mechanical/Fuel Gas (VMC & VFGC)
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC)