Informational Documents and Publications

Technical and Informational Documents

Posted 2024

2021 VCC - NFPA 13R Sprinkler Systems in Groups R-2 & R-3

Posted 2022

2018 Virginia Residential Energy Code Resources

Manufactured Home Installation - Inspection Checklist

Posted 2021

The Statewide Fire Prevention Code vs. the International Fire Code

Accessory Dwelling Units - 2018 USBC

Tiny Houses - 2018 USBC

Virginia Energy Codes Report - Energy code comparison of the 2012-2018 VA Codes

Resiliency Impact Analysis of 2018 USBC

Significant Changes to the 2018 Virginia Codes

Posted 2020

VRC Code Requirements: Carports, Garages and Sheds

Industrialized Building Seals Overview

The Difference between Industrialized and Manufactured Homes Explained

Industrialized Building FAQ

Asbestos Info and FAQ

The Role of the USBC in Lead Paint Hazard Abatement

IRC Wind Speed Changes – 2015 Code Cycle Changes Explained

Letters and Memos

2021 Virginia Codes Effective Date Memo - November 2023

AgTAC Memo – 2023 Findings and Recommendations – October 2023

AgTAC Memo – Offered Best Practices and Resources Related to §36-99.B – October 2023

DHCD Memo -  EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program (RRP) Outreach Letter - September 2020

EPA RRP Outreach Letter to Permitting Officials - September 2020

Revised Assisted Living Facilities Matrix

Emergency Cooling Regulations - May 2019

DHCD MEMO - Application of USBC vs. SFPC - January 2019

Virginia Certification Standards Printing Error - December 2018

Habitable Attics – DHCD Code Opinion - September 2018

Missing Industrialized Building Seals (2) - March 2018

Missing Industrialized Building Seals - February 2018

House Bill 2203 - Notice of Violation (NOV) to Tenants in Manufactured Home Parks - August 2017

Whole House Mechanical Ventilation FAQ  - July 2015

Code Interpretation Information

2021 Code Cycle

2021 USBC – Building Official’s responsibility related to §36-44(B)(1-3) (3-2024)

2021 VCC (VCC) – Family Day Homes (1-2024)

2018 Code Cycle

2018 VCC (VCC) – Equipment connected via taps ahead of main for PV systems (1-2023)

2018 VCC (VRC) - Farm building being used as a hemp laboratory to enhance or extract by-product of hemp (4-2022)

2017 NEC - Use of TC-ER (JP) Cable for Solar Photovoltaic System in One -and-Two Family Dwelling Units (3-2022)

2018 SFPC - Operational Permits (2-2022)

2018 VCC (VRC and VFGC) - PEX-AL-PEX Piping for Fuel Gas Interpretation (1-2022)

2015 Code Cycle

2015 VCC - Under-stair Protection (1-2021)

2015 VCC - Witnessing of Elevator Tests Interpretation (1-2020)

2015 VCC - Cell Tower Antenna Interpretation (2-2019)

2015 VA Plumbing Code - Water Dispenser Interpretation (3-2019)

2015 VCC - Solar Farm Interpretation (1-2019)

2012/2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code Interpretation – Clear Zone (1-2017)

*Note that the number shown parenthesis is the Technical Review Board Interpretation Number



COVID-19 Extension Form - NAARSO

Revised Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS) Licensing Form

Landlord Smoke Detector Certification Form


Reports and Publications

BFR Resource Guide

BFR Brochure

2022 BFR Annual Report Overview

2022 BFR Off-Site Construction Annual Report

2022 BFR Code Academy Annual Report

2022 BFR Code Development and STRB Annual Report

2021 BFR Annual Report

2020 BFR Annual Report

2019 BFR Annual Report

2018 BFR Annual Report

Notices, Alerts and Bulletins 

Service Bulletin Issued by Bertazzon 3B Srl - May 2023

Unauthorized UL Marks on Swinging-type Fire Doors – March 2023 

Safety Alert No. 6, Rev C - Flambeau fuel tanks - April 2022

Important Note Issued by Head Rush Technologies - April 2022 

Petzl Trac Club Trolley Recall - March 2022

Petzl Scorpio Eashook Lanyards with Carabiners Recall - February 2022

Wisdom Industries Amusement Device Service Bulletin - August 2021

Otis CPSC Private Residential Elevators Press Release - December 2020

OTIS Private Residence Elevator Recall and Free Inspection - December 2020

EPA Lead-free Rule Fact Sheet - July 2020

Majestic Amusement Device Service Bulletin - July 2020

Unapproved Lumber Stamp Notice - May 2020

Safety Alert to Protect Children from a Deadly Gap between Doors of Home Elevators - August 2019

KONE Escalator Safety Alert - March 2018

2012 VRC Girder and Header Span Tables - August 2015


Pool and Spa Safety 

The Hazards of Electric Shock Drowning near Marinas and Docks - NFPA Journal on YouTube

Code Notes - 2015 International Pool and Spa Code Permit and Plan Guidelines

ICC Pool and Spa Safety Brochure

Podcast - Keeping Summer Pools Safe website

Simple Water Safety Steps Can Save Lives

Steps for Safety Around the Pool

Portable Pool Tip Card

Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools