COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance

In response to the COVID-19 national emergency, the Department of Housing and Community Development will be offering a mortgage forbearance program for multifamily loans provided through the DHCD’s Affordable and Special Needs Housing Program (formerly the Affordable Housing Production and Preservation program).  Our goal is to help ensure that individuals are able to remain in their homes during this unprecedented time and provide financial relief to the owners of properties experiencing a financial hardship as a result of the emergency.

Our COVID-19 Response for our rental housing loan portfolio has been jointly developed with our partners at Virginia Housing, and will largely parallel the responses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the federal CARES Act of 2020.  Any loan (other than Ineligible Loans described in the joint VHDA/DHCD policy statement) for which the Borrower documents and certifies that the Borrower, the development and its tenants are experiencing hardship as a consequence of the COVID-19 emergency. Eligible loans include DHCD originated loans currently serviced by VHDA and funded through the HOME Program, National Housing Trust Fund or the Virginia Housing Trust Fund).

For reference please see the detailed Forbearance Response SummaryComparison of Multifamily Forbearance Eviction Provision (a chart comparing DHCD's and VHDA's response to that of Fannie Mae), and a form of VHDA’s Forbearance Agreement (your signature of which will be done electronically as part of the forbearance offer and application process), which can also be used for DHCD issued loans.

Please contact Willie Fobbs at with any questions or you may contact VHDA servicing directly. All VHDA inquiries should be directed to Nina Nolley, director of rental servicing, at